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Crestridge Funding Review: Does It Work Or Just Another Bait & Switch?



Crestridge Funding

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The company, Crestridge Funding has been generating buzz lately. Some people say it’s a scam while others claim they have had positive experiences with them- what should you believe? In this review, we’ll dive into the facts of how credible or not these lenders really are!

Crestridge Funding is the go-to place for people looking to find an alternative lender. They may not offer their own loans or debt settlement services, but they connect you with companies that do! This can be great if those options aren’t available where you live and work, just make sure it’s reputable enough before accepting any offers from these third parties.

Crestridge Funding has been known to be a bit tricky because there are so many scam artists in this industry. It’s hard for consumers like yourself who want nothing but the best, trustworthy company and end up working with someone untrustworthy instead! This leads me to my next point…

One major problem I have seen when looking into debt settlement firms such as Crestridge Funding, they do not vet their partners beforehand which leaves room open especially if you get scammed out of your money by another lender or even worse yet, a fake financial firm claiming.

Crestridge Funding is a bit of an enigma. On one hand, it has some really positive aspects to its name; but on the other, there are definitely drawbacks as well which need attention before using these services for anything important or costly.

Crestridge Funding

How does Crestridge funding work?

Crestridge Funding is a company that helps people with debt settle their accounts. When you fill out an online form, they will provide your information to companies who may be able to help out. It doesn’t offer any relief itself though so let them know how much money’s still owed and what type of payment plan would work best for both parties involved before going through this whole process just yet, there are some risks associated when dealing directly with someone else without knowing anything about them other than their name on paper (or hard drive).

When you submit your information, Crestridge Funding will sell it to the highest bidder. The amount of money they make depends on how much a debt settlement company is a willingness to pay for leads like yours.

If you’re looking for a debt settlement company, don’t get your hopes up. You may not even be able to find any offers and if they do come through it’s important that research is done on the various companies before deciding which one will work best with yours.

How much does Crestridge Funding cost?

Crestridge Funding is a company that connects consumers with debt settlement companies. They charge $299 for their services and they are not licensed to provide legal or financial advice, so be careful when dealing with them.

How does Crestridge Funding affect your credit?

Debt settlement companies are known for scamming people out of their money. Crestridge Funding can ruin your credit and leave you in debt! Avoid them like the plague, because they’re just not worth it at any cost. The lead generators behind these types of chains may seem tempting but beware. They’ll only end up costing more than what was originally owed if things go wrong with this type of deal.

Accredited Debt Relief Reduce You Total Debt By Up To 50

Don’t fall victim to the scams that trick people into thinking they’re doing something good for their lives. There are many legitimate debt relief options out there, so avoid companies like Crestridge Funding and any others associated with them.

  • These companies are notorious for scamming people out of their money and this lead generator is just another way they try to take advantage.
  • It can ruin your credit and leave you in debt.
  • The debt relief option you should be looking for is not this one. There are many other options available that won’t scam your money or leave you in an even more difficult situation than before!
  • It is important to avoid being scammed by companies like Crestridge Funding, which will only lead you into more debt. There are many legitimate relief options available; don’t risk your financial progress for poor service when their credible alternatives out there.

Which companies does Crestridge funding settle debts with?

Their goal is to make the process of settling your debts as easy and painless as possible, so they work with a variety of different companies across North America. This can be an excellent option for those looking at getting out from under some large loans or credit card payments because it gives you more options than just one lender.

If you are looking for a debt settlement company and have been offered one through Crestridge Funding, make sure that they work with less-than-reputable businesses. Research the company before choosing them so as not to get caught off guard by their wrongdoing.

Is Crestridge Funding Legit or a Scam?

We hope that the information below will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to do business with them.

  • Crestridge Funding is not a lender.
  • Instead of giving you the best rate, they ask for your contact information and send out another letter with an even higher interest rate. This is bait-and-switch at its finest!
  • Crestridge Funding doesn’t mention that you need excellent credit to qualify for their low-interest rate (which you have been supposedly pre-approved for).
  • With 2.92% interest, we’re curious to see how many of the consumers who were mailed this offer actually qualify for such a low rate.

There are better options for dealing with your debt problems than using Crestridge. Be aware that there is a lot of competition out in the market and many scam companies claim they can help you, so do research first.

Best Debt Consolidation

If Crestridge Funding is a scam, what about the debt settlement companies they work with? Are they legitimate?

There are many legitimate debt settlement companies, but there are also a lot of scammers in this

The debt settlement industry is not a simple one and it’s easy for scammers in this space. Before doing business with any company, make sure that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as many have failed to respond when contacted about their status on these networks.

If you’re considering using a debt settlement company, it’s important to speak with an attorney first. An experienced lawyer can help determine whether or not the business is legitimate and also protect your interests from scammers who may try their luck at crooked deals.

What should I do if Crestridge Funding asks for my personal information?

Never provide your personal information unless you are 100% confident that the company is legitimate. There are many scammers out there who want to steal people’s identities and take their money away from them, so be careful.

If a company asks for personal information, you should contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to report them. They may be able to help determine if this business is legitimate and whether or not they can return your money as well.

What should I do if I am considering using Crestridge Funding?

If you are considering using any debt relief service, be sure to speak with a qualified attorney first. A lawyer can help determine whether or not the service is right for your needs and also protect against scams that might try their luck at getting money from vulnerable populations like yours.

If you’re in debt, it’s important to do your research and find a company that can help. There are many scams out there but also legitimate businesses who want nothing more than for their clients to get back on track with financial stability.

Do not hesitate to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) if you have been scammed by a company. The BBB will investigate and help ensure that your money is returned, with interest.

The BBB is a great resource for getting your money back if you have been scammed, and they may also be able to shut down the company immediately.

Crestridge Funding Reviews

The company Crestridge Funding has a poor reputation and does not have an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

But they do have Trustpilot Reviews

Is very suspicious.

Yaz Kensington 2/21/2022

I saw Crestridge online and I inquired about it. I took advantage of their loan offer, especially since I was in a little bind. A woman from Crestridge was kind enough to call me but I was in my car that time and I told her I’ll look at it once again on my laptop. Then my wife and the representative helped me with the application process. The representative was legit and very knowledgeable and I like the way she helped me through the application.

Alexina Fuentes 2/12/2022

They were so helpful and made sure that I knew what I was doing and that I understood everything that I was doing. They made sure I knew what the interest was and when my payments were due. The application process was very simple and the staff was very helpful. They made sure that I knew what to put and where to put it at. They had very fair rates and the terms were very easy to understand. I also understood when my payments were due and how to process the payments. They gave me lots of information to use when I was approved for my application and they also made sure that I knew what to do to get tools online and how to use them.

If you are considering using Crestridge to help you with your debt problems, you should be aware that there are better options available. You should also be aware that there are many scams out there that claim to be able to help you with your debt problems. You should always do your research before doing business with any company.

How to contact Crestridge Funding customer service

The company uses a lead generator, which means that when you call the number on their website and ask for debt settlement services they won’t connect you with someone who can help. They are not only unlicensed but also operate in an illegal manner by avoiding state regulations intended to protect consumers against unfair business practices like high-pressure sales tactics or forcing people into quick loans without giving them all of the necessary information first.

How to cancel Crestridge Funding?

Crestridge Funding is the absolute worst company. Avoid them at all costs and never sign up for their service! Here’s how you can cancel your terrible contract with Crestridge without too much hassle or difficulty.

The first step is to call Crestridge Funding’s customer service at 877-958-5431. You will have to You deserve better than Crestridge Funding. They are a terrible company that takes advantage of those in need, so don’t let them get their hooks into you!

Call today and cancel your account before it’s too late, you’ll never have to deal with these guys again once we’re through here. Wait on hold for a long time, but it’s well worth the trouble when you finally get through and convince them that this company isn’t right for your needs; they should give back any unused services plus refund all money spent.

Crestridge Funding overall

Crestridge is the worst! They promise you help, but in reality, it’s just more debt. It would be best not to get saddled with this company by avoiding them at all costs.

Crestridge Funding will do anything to get your money. But make sure you know what the company is really about before giving them any of yours or sending out credit card offers in the blank. Crestridge finance may look like salvation, but beware, these shady business practices can lead anywhere from expensive debt settlements programs with high risk attached (and usually more fees). So why not just read through our guide on how these things work instead?

The financing company Crestridge Funding is known for taking advantage of people in debt. You should never let them scam you out of your hard-earned money because there are plenty of other reputable organizations that can help get this taken care of quicker and easier than the long process with these guys.

You can finally get out of debt be sure to check out our chart of the best debt settlement companies. We’ve done all your research so that when it comes a time, there will be no schemes or hidden fees, just honesty and integrity!

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