In the Government and in the PSOE they have been saying for months that they have closed an agreement with the PP on the renewal of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), but that the popular refused to make it public for strategic reasons, given that they had ahead of them the Catalan elections and the threat of Vox’s surprise .

Now that the 14F has passed and that the far-right party has swept by far the popular ones in Catalonia, Pablo Casado’s team seems to be in a more hurry to close a state agreement that will return the stripes of opposition leaders.

But of course, he has to prepare his supporters for the turn he is about to take and this Monday, first thing in the morning, he was his secretary general,Teodoro García Egea , who came to the fore to say that it was not they who changed their criteria to approach the socialists, but the socialists who approached them by allowing Podemos to be excluded from the equation.

“United We Can is on the sidelines of any conversation to renew the CGPJ,” García Egea said early Monday. ” The arsonist cannot choose the firefighter, ” the popular leader said ironically before congratulating himself because the PSOE had accepted the condition imposed by his party to leave those of Pablo Iglesias out of the equation to renew the governing body of the judges.

However, in the PSOE they handle a different version of events. The party’s head of organization, José Luis Ábalos , denied having excluded his partners and made it clear, up to four times, that the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo , is negotiating with the PP as a representative of “all” the Government.

“We have not had this relationship since parties,” emphasized the Socialist minister, although he did not clarify whether the agreement they reach with the PP must have the approval of their partners. However, Ábalos asked the conservatives to stop “obstructing the renewal of constitutional bodies” and to “agree to an agreement without blackmail and without vetoes .”

The third in contention was the parliamentary spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique , who assured that García Egea’s announcement is “false news” launched by the PP to “sabotage the negotiation” and prevent Vox “from accusing them of being the right wing. coward for agreeing with a socialcommunist government “.

Despite these last minute scuffles, the official announcement of an agreement to renew the CGPJ, which has been in office for more than two years, seems closer and closer.

A good sign is the decision of the governing body of the judges not to include in its agenda for the plenary session that plans to hold this Thursday the appointments that were pending in the Supreme Court, in the Superior Courts of the Canary Islands and the Basque Country and others smaller squares, informs Ángeles Vázquez .

Sources from the governing body of the judges indicate to this newspaper that there are two reasons for this. On the one hand, for acting with coherence with respect to the decisions adopted by the Council in the same sense in January of last year and last July, when it seemed that the negotiations for the renewal of the body were going to bear fruit, and, on the other, that until now the appointments made when the Government pressed to stop them have had an incontestable majority that now does not seem possible to reproduce.

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