The plan designed by Equality to involve the State in family conciliation reaches the Council of Ministers, an initiative endowed with 190 million euros that will allow low-income families and children under 14 years of age to have professional help by the hour to care for them.

The one baptized as “Plan Corresponsables”, according to sources from the Ministry led by Irene Montero, must be ratified in a Sectorial Equality Conference to be held in April with the participation of the autonomous communities, in charge of managing the funds.

Among the main objectives of the plan is to create “professional care bags” , which will be provided at home for a specified number of hours per week to children under 14 years of age, although they may also be treated in public facilities.

The priority will be to facilitate the care of children for single-parent families, victims of gender violence and other forms of violence against women, long-term unemployed, women over 45 years of age or family units in which there are other burdens related to the cared for.

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In order to access the programs, the level of income and family responsibilities will be taken into account.

The Corresponsables Plan also seeks to create quality employment in the care sector and design public mechanisms to recognize non-professional experience and enable access to care bags.