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Gold West Financial Review: Is It A Scam or Legit?



Gold West Financial

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Gold West Financial may be able to help you get out of debt quickly and easily. But is Gold West a scam, or the right choice for your financial needs? Let’s take an in-depth look at this company and decide whether they’re worth their fees.

With so many companies offering similar services these days; it can be hard to know what exactly sets them apart from others on our search engine results pages. There are some red flags that should make any potential customer think twice before signing up with certain providers, and then there are also those pesky reviews written by angry customers who were promised things would change after being charged extra fees during negotiations.

Gold West Financial provides an easy way for people in need of quick cash or unevenly spaced payments. They act as your personal matchmaker, find the best lender possible based on what you’re looking to do, and then get that person’s approval so it can be easier than ever before.

Scam artists exploit the trust of unsuspecting customers by offering one thing in order to get your money and then switching it for something else without any warning.

Gold West Financial is not a scam, but it’s also not the answer to all your financial needs. If you’re looking for quick cash and don’t care about how much interest they will charge or what kind of loans exist out there better than them then go ahead with another company, just make sure that any agreement means something before signing.

Gold West Financial Pros and Cons

When it comes to Gold West Financial, there are more cons than pros.

  • One con is that they match you with different lenders, which can be confusing and frustrating.
  • Another con is that they’ve been accused of using bait and switch tactics, promising one thing and then delivering something else.
  • Finally, their fees are high compared to other companies.

Gold West Financial isn’t the only option for getting a loan. There are better ones out there!

What is Gold West Financial?

Gold West Financial provides you with the option of finding a perfect lender for your needs. They use their online tools to help match different borrowers and lenders, so it will be easy as pie.

Gold West Financial has been accused of using bait and switch tactics by luring customers with direct mail, advertising fake low-interest rates then pressing them into signing up for products much higher than what they were promised. Some people claim that this company misled them about the terms of their loan which could lead to problems down the line if you don’t research it thoroughly beforehand.

When you have multiple debts that are accumulating each month, it can be tough to stay ahead of the game. But if your situation is getting tight and things don’t look like they’ll improve anytime soon for debt-free living with an expensive payment plan – consolidating might just help! Not only will one monthly payment keep track of all these balances but also sometimes lower interest rates are available through this type of arrangement too so saving money over time could really come into play here.

Accredited Debt Relief Reduce You Total Debt By Up To 50

Debt consolidation can be a great way to get out from under the weight of your debts and take control back. However, there are plenty of options for debtors- so it’s important not only to do research on what will work best but also to talk through those choices with an advisor before going forward.

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

While consolidating your debt can simplify the monthly payment and get you a lower interest rate, there are some risks involved. Here’s what to know before doing so:

When you have multiple small debts, it can be hard to make ends meet. But by taking out one big loan and paying off all of your other obligations with the same credit card or personal financing plan – like an unsecured line of credit, you’ll find yourself making more economical monthly payments that are easier for creditors to understand too. There really isn’t anything bad about consolidating debt unless there’s risk involved in getting interest rates lowered on any future loans taken out after this process begins.

For example, if you consolidate your debts into one loan with a lower interest rate but have a longer repayment period, you may end up paying more interest overall. Additionally, if you miss payments on your consolidated loan, you could damage your credit score.

Understanding the risks is key to figuring out if this could work for you.

Best Debt Consolidation

What are the risks of Debt Consolidation?

Some people find debt consolidation appealing because it can bring their finances back on track. However, there’s more than one risk involved in this process and you should keep these things in mind before taking out a loan for additional payments:

  • You could end up paying even more interest if you consolidate your debt into one loan with a higher rate.
  • Consolidating your debt can be a great way to manage it, but you need to know the risks involved. missed payments could damage credit and make getting loans more difficult in the future, carefully consider if this is something worth doing!
  • The debt cycle can be a vicious one. If you consolidate your debts and then continue to spend recklessly, the outcome could end up being even more than before.

There are risks to any decision you make, but if done correctly this can help get your finances back on track. Talk with a financial advisor and see how debt consolidation might be right for you.

How does Gold West Financial work?

Gold West Financial provides a matchmaker service to help you find the best loan for your needs. They charge an administrative fee that covers their costs, but they are not involved in negotiating or making final decisions on offers from lenders themselves.

When you submit an inquiry form on their website, Gold West Financial will collect some basic information from you. This includes the name of who’s asking as well as any other contact info or financial needs they might have in mind for borrowing money, and how much this is going to cost.

Gold West Financial will help you find the best possible loan terms for your needs. They work with lenders and can negotiate on behalf of their clients, so even if they don’t offer a particular client an option right away it’s likely that another lender might be willing to do business together later down the line.

Gold West Financial will guide you through the process of getting a loan, but it’s up to your personal circumstances. If they can’t get one that works for what is needed then there are other lenders out there who might be able to offer better terms.

Gold West Financial is a small lender that specializes in loans for those who have had trouble getting approved elsewhere. They offer competitive rates and if you’re interested, be sure to read over their terms carefully before signing up.

How to qualify for a Gold West Financial debt consolidation loan?

You will need to have a good credit history and steady income in order for you to apply for the loan at Gold West Financial. You also need collateral, such as your home or car if applicable so they can assure themselves that their funds won’t be wasted on someone who doesn’t take care of it properly.

A lot depends on the qualifications you need in order for a loan at this company; some people might have better luck than others depending on their situation and how much money each individual lender would approve them for based on those requirements alone.

The most common qualifications with direct lenders are:

  • A regular source of income
  • An active bank account
  • A Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Be at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama)

All you have to do is fill out an application and provide all of your information, then wait until they deposit money into your account so that can use it on paying off any past due bills or balances.

What kind of debt consolidation program does Gold West Financial offer?

Gold West Financial is a company that offers you the opportunity to find consolidation programs from their network of lenders. They do not have any specific debt relief plan, but this may be beneficial if your needs go beyond what they can offer on-site.

Gold West Financial is a lender, but they may not have your best interests in mind. They’ve been known to bait and switch customers by telling you that you qualify for one program when then actually switching over to another with higher interest rates once it’s too late.

The right decision for you depends on your individual needs. But before deciding, do research and make sure that the program has all of its terms clearly explained, or else it could end up costing more money than just sticking with one lender instead.

How much does Gold West Financial charge?

Gold West Financial is a lender so there are no hidden fees or costs associated with their services. However, they may charge you an administration fee for processing your loan application which typically ranges from $100-$300 and cannot be refunded if the application isn’t approved by them either! So before choosing this company as one of YOUR financing options, consider how much it could cost when all said in done because those extra funds might just end up coming outta pocket after all.

It’s important to do your research on the front end so you don’t get stuck with an expensive loan. The actual lender may charge origination fees, high-interest rates, or both.

What is the minimum credit score for a Gold West Financial debt consolidation loan?

While the minimum credit score for a debt consolidation loan at Gold West Financial is 640, keep in mind that it’s just one factor among many others looked upon when deciding on an applicant. Other factors include income and employment history as well—even if your own personal bankruptcy was discharged years ago.

How does Gold West Financial affect your credit?

The Gold West Financial network of lenders will do a hard pull on your credit report, which could lower the score by up to three points. If you miss payments or make them later than expected it’s bad news for both how long it takes us to find out about these mistakes, and what interest rate we’re paying.

If you’re thinking about taking out a personal loan with Gold West Financial, be sure to check your credit before and understand the potential impact on it. By doing so, not only can ensure that this company doesn’t negatively affect what’s already an excellent score but also take proactive steps towards managing our finances in order to keep things running smoothly.

How to cancel Gold West Financial?

When you cancel your Gold West Financial account or loan, there are a few things that need to happen. First of all contact customer service and request the closing off of these accounts; then make sure any outstanding balances with lenders are paid in full before sending written notice from them via certified mail at 1-2 weeks prior.

With all that being said, let’s take a look at how to cancel Gold West Financial step-by-step.

You can also contact customer service and request that your account be closed. They will help you cancel any loans in process, which is a great way to stop the bleeding before it gets worse.

Make sure that you have paid all of your lender’s outstanding balances. This includes any remaining principal, interest, or other charges due on the account.

Once you’ve paid off your loan in full, it is important to send a written notice of cancellation. The cancelation should include not just one’s name and address but also phone number as well so that they can be reached easily at any time if there are issues or questions about canceling services with Gold West Financial.

Gold West Financial BBB Reviews

Below are a few BBB reviews

Harry M 11/17/2021

Said they would help with loans and a credit card through the bank…. made payments while getting letters from the bank. which they claimed they would take care of. Never did anything, filed with the Attorney General to get a refund( which is only 75% of the payment), and now trying to fix what they messed up at the bank. Stay away from them

Donald D 05/21/2021

Fraud. They said they offer consolidation loans. I agreed to allow access to my personal info on the basis of a loan. I asked prior to that if this was for credit negotiation and they said no, I was applying for a loan. They called back the next day to tell me I didn’t qualify for this pre-approved loan and wanted to enroll me in credit negotiation.

Is Gold West Financial Legit or a Scam?

Gold West Financial is a financial company that has been accused of bait and switch by some alarming negative reviews. The BBB reports 2 1/2 stars on their rating, with many complaints about high fees as well as poor customer service; this seems to indicate they may not be the best option for anyone looking into loans or other services from them.

Gold West Financial is not accredited by the BBB, which means that they have no formal rating from them.

Gold West Financial is not the best company to work with. They are known for their low customer satisfaction rates and sketchy business practices, which make them one of many companies out there that can offer you a better experience!

What are your thoughts on Gold West Financial? Have you had any experiences with them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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