Light shoots inflation to 4% in September INE

The inflation soared to 4% in September , seven tenths above the August and the highest rate since September 2008 , driven by higher prices of electricity and fuel .

The Government will alleviate the ‘hack’ to the electricity companies
The National Institute of Statistics (INE) has confirmed this Thursday the data of the consumer price index (CPI) advanced a few weeks ago, which consolidates the acceleration of inflation in its seventh consecutive month on the rise.

Brussels puts Pedro S├ínchez’s proposals to lower the electricity bill in the medium term
Among the factors that have most influenced this rebound is the rise in electricity prices , which has raised the prices of the housing group by 14.5% compared to September 2020 -three points more than in August-, an advance to The increases in heating oil and gas , which fell last year, have also contributed .

Leisure and culture became more expensive in September by 0.9% , one point and a half more than in August, due to the fact that tourist packages fell less this year than last.

Transport prices
Along with this, the rise in transport prices also pushed up the CPI -9.8%, one point more than in August-, derived from the higher cost of fuels and lubricants, which fell last year, and despite the decrease in other services due to the release of some sections of highway.

By contrast, food and non-alcoholic beverages increased their prices by 1.8%, one tenth less, due to cheaper fruits and lower prices for legumes and vegetables, which helped contain inflation.

Once the most volatile elements, unprocessed food and energy products, are removed from the index, core inflation stood at 1%, three tenths more than in August and three points less than the general index, which represents the greater difference between both rates from the beginning of the series.

All the autonomous communities increased their inflation in September, especially Cantabria -which added one point, reaching its rate at 4.5% -, while Navarra had the least advance -five tenths, to 4.1% –

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